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Web definitions: A glow stick is a single-use translucent plastic tube containing isolated substances which when combined make light through a chemical...

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Cyalumes are the common or street definition of a chemical lightstick (plural or singular), mainly derived from the registered trademark company 'Cyalume® Technologies Inc' and the chemical Diphenyl oxalate (trademark name Cyalume) whose oxidation products are used for chemiluminescence.

Cyalumes (Snaplights®, ChemLights®, or Lightsticks?). Whatever your choice... LumiSafe Ltd, a leading UK official distributor for Cyalume Technologies Inc will be able to supply your needs.

When Your Safety Depends On Light... Depend On LumiSafe.


Cyalume® Snaplights®

12" lightstick

Cyalume® 12" Lightsticks

15" lightsticks

Cyalume® 15" Lightsticks


Cyalume® VisiPad

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Rectangular and flat, CyPad Markers weigh less and take less space to carry that traditional ChemLights. Designed to minimize accidental activation, CyPad can be kept in pockets or pouches for easy access and deployment. CyPad comes with an adhesive backing for quick application to personnel, buildings, or other objects. CyPad Visible is available in Red & Green colors.

Proven in emergency situations ranging from combustible spills and building clearings to power outages, Cyalume 15" LightSticks provide dependable instant illumination. Available in a variety of colors, they provide up to 12 hours of peak illumination. In disaster response situations, 15" LightSticks provide safe, effective illumination, allowing safe movement in structures.

About LumiSafe

LumiSafe Ltd, based in Bristol in the South West of England, is an authorised Cyalume® Technologies Inc UK distributor providing professional, Industrial grade, Cyalume® emergency and convenient chemiluminescent lighting for safety applications.

Our market includes the Transportation and Road Haulage Industry, Universities, Colleges, Schools and general education establishments, Independent Contractors and Organisations involved in safety work and individuals for personal safety needs.

LumiSafe Ltd has a growing portfolio of customers to whom we have provided or are providing Cyalume® chemiluminescent products, some of these include:

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.

RailCare Ltd

QinetiQ Group PLC

Orchid Cellmark Ltd.

Meggitt Defence Systems (Meggitt PLC)

If you think your Company or Business could benefit from using or installing Cyalume® products or would like to find out more? Please browse our website or contact us via the contact page.

Other Products

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SnaplightsSnaplights - With a simple bend, snap, and shake, Snaplight® industrial grade, phthalate-free chemical lightsticks provide instant light for all emergency situations. Each Snaplight® creates 360° of illumination, and is visible up to 1 mile. They are non-toxic, non-flammable, waterproof, and generate no heat or sparks.

lightshapeS.O.S® - The lightweight S.O.S® has a protective plastic outer casing that remains attached by a 30" lanyard and acts as a handle. When the user spins the device, it forms a distinctive 4ft circle pattern visible up to 3 miles from the air and 1 mile on land. Ideally used as a signaling device, the S.O.S® is perfect for rescue and outdoor safety operations. The S.O.S® can be placed in an emergency kit or vehicle.


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LumiSafe Ltd Visitors

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